Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 54, Deerfield, OH 44411


Tim Taylor President

Sue North Treasurer

Lynne Duchon Secretary


Gary Nahas

Bob Semler

Lisa McDermott

Leslie Steele

Joe Box

Ken Kollar

Director Emeritus – Martha Cobb


Lynne Duchon

Web Master:
Shelene Studzinski

Welcome to the Berlin Lake Association

Purpose Statement

To Promote the collective and individual property rights and civic interests of all persons, firms, and/or corporations who have an interest in the preservation of Berlin Lake and, who have an interest in the protection and development of the Lake, Parks and the surrounding areas.


o To have representation in matters that effect the lake and association members

o To Share and disseminate information regarding matters effecting the Lake and surrounding areas

 o To open lines of Communications between Members and Authorities responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Lake.

o To Preserve, Protect, and Improve the Lake and Surrounding Areas

o Improve Networking to promote positive change

Code of Regulations

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