Officers                                              Directors                                                 Committees
Tim Taylor, President                    Gary Nahas           Leslie Steele            Membership - Lynne Duchon
Jim Mineo, Vice President           Dennis VanSuch    Ken Kollar               Social - Bob Semler, Dave
Bob Semler, Treasurer                 Lisa McDermott     Sue North                                             and Karen Durrett
Lynne Duchon, Secretary            Martha Cobb, Director Emeritus

Purpose Statement

To Promote the collective and individual property rights and civic interests of all persons, firms, and/or corporations who have an interest in the preservation of Berlin Lake and, who have an interest in the protection and development of the Lake, Parks and the surrounding areas.


  • To have representation in matters that effect the lake and association members
  • To Share and disseminate information regarding matters effecting the Lake and surrounding areas
  • To open lines of Communications between Members and Authorities responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Lake.
  • To Preserve, Protect, and Improve the Lake and Surrounding Areas
  • Improve Networking to promote positive change